Finding the perfect piece OF art for a client is as rewarding of an experience for US as it is for OUR collectors.

We offer personal, concierge service to every client in order to pass on our expertise and infectious adoration for visual art and design. Our goal is to instill in our clients a true love and understanding of what they are acquiring. Buying art is an intellectually and visually stimulating experience; one which excites creativity within collectors from the new to the experienced.



We provide expert industry advice to private, corporate, and institutional clients in order to build and refine collections. From assisting new buyers in developing preference and objective in building a collection from the beginning, to utilizing our expertise to locate highly specific works for seasoned clients, we provide and maintain a foundation for stable, yet diverse collections. To fully immerse our clients in the ever-changing landscape of the art market, we actively coordinate gallery and studio visits, attend auctions, museum exhibitions, and art fairs.



For the most discerning collectors, we act as an agent in buying and selling major secondary market works. While practicing the utmost in client confidentiality, we delicately source rare original pieces from our impressive network of national and international public and private collections for those seeking museum quality work. From customizing viewings to negotiating pricing, and ultimately making the private sale experience a truly concierge service.


Amelchenko Art offers collection management services that are personally tailored to our clientele which include: inventory creation and organization, implementing and maintaining photographic records, coordinating valuations, appraisals and exhibition loans, and determining suitable deaccessioning outlets. In regards to logistics, we meticulously arrange shipping and crating needs, installation and deinstallation, framing, restoration, and conservation.


We produce exhibitions and events for diverse audiences in a multitude of innovative venues. Through an extensive network of relationships with both emerging and established artists, we are able to create unique, comprehensive, collaborative programs in which collectors have unparalleled access to the artists themselves. Our goal is to provide new ways of viewing contemporary art and creating dialogue. Closely working with clients on conceptualizing a theme of an exhibition and selecting appropriate artists to fit that theme. Where needed, we reserve and coordinate exhibition space, arrange publication advertising avenues, site installation, and opening night events.


Amelchenko Art also offers original art rental services for real estate staging, television and movie filming, photo shoots, restaurants and hospitality, residential, commercial, and corporate settings. Renting original art is an exceptional way to enhance guest experience at any venue. Art rental services encourage acquisitions as rental fees can be applied towards the purchase price of any desired work .